Highlight: The 2017 Edition of the Corvette

On April 3rd, the History Undergraduate Society (THUGS) launched its annual peer-reviewed undergraduate journal, the Corvette.

corvette journal uvic
The cover of the 2016 edition of the Corvette

Overseen by Mariana Gallegos Dupuis, the Editor-in-Chief, and Pier Brown, the Associate Editor, the Corvette is truly a collaborative project.

The editors put out a call for papers in January and received forty-nine submissions. Thirty peer-reviewers read the submitted papers, from which seventeen were selected. Dr. Peter Cook and Dr. Mitchell Hammond, the Faculty Advisors for the Corvette, oversaw the final selection process.

After the final papers had been decided on, copy editors met with the writers to go over the drafts. The writers made final edits and submitted their drafts for publication.

The is Mariana’s insights into what this edition of the Corvette has to offer:

“I invite you to read each of these essays. They have taught me to examine the narratives that weave together a museum exhibit, the tension between morality and historiography, the role of oral history in reflecting on the effects of war and in seeking to decolonize the Canadian legal system, and how the labels and perceptions of history are constructed.”1

Congratulations to everyone who put the work in to make this edition of the Corvette possible. The following is a list of the published papers and authors:

  • Displaying the Inscrutable at the Royal BC Museum’s Chinatown Gallery by Elspeth Gow
  • The “Conversion” of Benny Morris: Morality in the History of 1948 and the Creation of the Palestinian-Refugee Crisis by Josie Gray
  • The Peoples’ War: Three Oral Histories of the British Army in Northern Ireland by Kate Riordon
  • The Calder Case: Setting A Precedent for Indigenous Canadian Constitutional Relations by Seamus McConville
  • Subsistence or Sale?: An Analysis of Historical Questions Raised in R v. Gladstone by Aidan Conrad
  • The Nazi Economy (1933-1939): Unemployment, Autarky and the Working-Class by Rijk Eric Mollema
  • On the Origin of Thuggee: Determining the Existence of Thugs in Pre-British India by Darren Reid
  • Saint George and the Dragon: Saintly and Othered Bodies by Lorinda Fraser

If you would like a copy of this edition, send me a message and I will see what I can do. However, these articles will also be posted online, and I will add links to them once they are.

1 Mariana Gallegos Dupuis, “Editor’s Introduction,” The Corvette 4, no.2 (Spring 2017): xi-xii.


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